Let's act

Mozambique in emergency

We are all deeply touched by the pictures and testimonies from the areas affected by cyclone Idai.
28. marts 2019 | 17:00 til 18:30
Afrika Kontakt, Wesselsgade 2, stuen, 2200 København N

At this meeting we will gather ideas and assess our resources on how to support Afrika Kontakt's Mozambican and Zimbabwean partners in the best way, and how to use the situation to link our partner's agendas (climate justice, consequences of extractivism, feminism, debt relief, repression of social movements) to do our contribution to a more sustainable and progressive reconstruction process.

Suggested agenda:

- Overview of situation after the cyclone
- Update on calls for solidarity from our partners
Alternactiva started this crowdfunding campaign with Forúm Mulher and UNAC(LVC SEAf): https://fundly.com/mozambique-idai-cyclone-call-for-support-peasants-women
AAAJC and Justica Ambiental has send calls for solidarity and different analyses and risks
- Possibility of applying CISU for emergency support: http://www.cisu.dk/derf
- Common analyses and strategy, action plan
- Support party/event at Alice/Union/Amazonia within the next couple of weeks
- Event at KU
- Public meeting with Architects without borders
- Podcast
- Fundraising
- ?