Global Aktion har i samarbejde med afrikanske græsrødder, projekter i en række forskellige lande

Nedenfor kan du klikke dig frem til Global Aktions igangværende og tidligere projekter. Alle projekterne styres af de frivillige i de forskellige arbejdsgrupper i samarbejde med deres partnere i det globale Syd. Hvis du ønsker at videre mere om vores projektarbejde, eller vil være aktiv i forhold til vores projektarbejde, er du velkommen til at kontakte os og eventuelt aftale et møde.

Vores projekter (Åbner i en ny side):

Youth Seminar
Somaliland Youth Empowerment Initiative Project
Qubula Zasha - Ex-mineworkers Capacity Building Project
The Southern African Development Community People's Summit
Securing Environmental Justice for African Fisher Peoples
Partner Seminar 2014. A greater push towards change through a shared vision
Dziwani - Kuti Pantsi na bzacilengwedwe mpsanu! (Know - the land and natural resources belong to you!)
Towards New Ways of Cooperation and Capacity-Building between AK and Partners in Africa
Wosa Mawubuye
Creating access to democracy and political rights for youth in Zimbabwe
Organize and mobilize for democratic change
Community mobilisation and organisation in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal provinces, South Africa.
NCA - Building a Platform for Unity
SUDF - Unity for Democracy
Community Driven Process to Reduce HIV-Related Stigma
Netværksudvikling for unge kriminelle i Cape Town
Kapacitetsudvikling af og fortalervirksomhed for Struisbaai Vissers Vereniging
Land Capacity Building and Advocacy Project
Land Capacity Building and Advocacy Project
Foren og kæmp - for fiskernes rettigheder (Unite and Fight - for fishers' rights)
Hlominsika: Lad demokratiet slå rod
Swaziland Positive Living
Fiskerifagligt Netværk
Citizen empowerment to activate Constitutional Rights and State Responsibility
Hlominiska Phase Two: "Strengthening Democracy at its Roots"
Towards a life in dignity (for land and rural livelihoods)
Unity for Change
Building Civil Society Partnership
Our right - our claim
Fighting for the Right to Food Sovereignty
Systematic documentation of HIV/AIDS related stigmatisation and discrimination in the district of Kibaale, Uganda
Creating legitimate and viable platforms for youth participation
Towards Strengthening th Civil Society Partnership with AK-partners in the Southers Africa
Indaba Youth Seninar
Tete Appraisal
Embili Impela
Supporting an End to VAW for Young Women's Increased Political Participation
Creating political inclusiveness of the youth in Zimbabwe
Securing fishing rights for the world's small-scale fishers
Supporting an End to VAW for Young Women's Increased Political Participation
Joint Finalisation for Media Center in Western Sahara
Sishoshovu Sesi Vutsevutse (An Informed, Active, and Critical Mass Movement)
Project Administration and Financial Seminar 2015
Building People’s Power for a Democratic Change
From Victims to Change Agents - Young Women Demand Access to Decision Making
Strengthening people's power through arts and culture
Youth in Zimbabwe Empowered to Unite and Actively Claim their Socio-Economic Rights
Somaliland Youth Empowerment Initiative Project
Demand the realisation of the Human Rights Based Approach to fisheries - through the implementation of the SSF guidelines
Theory to Practice: A shared effort among AK partners to fully live up to sound administrative procedures
Dziwani II - Kuti Pantsi na bzacilengwedwe mpsanu! Know - the land and natual resources belong to you!
Building Climate Justice Advocacy with Small-Scale Farmers in Southern and Eastern Africa
Partner Seminar 2017 – Building stronger alliances for common struggles
Southern Africa Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power
Securing the human rights of small-scale fisher peoples through the implementation of the SSF guidelines and the realization of Food Sovereignty
Community access, control and management of land and other natural resources - towards Climate Justice
Push for a People's Government
United Against Patriarchy
Powerful Flower Workers!
Platform for Democratic Debate
Putting the "O" in environmental injustice - strengthening the regional network of marine dependent communities in Indian Ocean and Coastal South East Africa
Strength through Election
Southern African Right 2 Say No Campaign
Pathway to Climate Justice
Workers not Slaves: Empowering Farmworker Communities
Fighting the gas rush in Mozambique